economic impact

 The economic value of Kentucky's beer industry relies on clean, dependable water resources.  

Economy of beer

The brewer's community


62 licensed brewers were operating in Kentucky in 2018, with plans of adding more. 31 of those operations have already invested $22 million in expansions, with an additional 25 operations planning additional expansion investments of $6.2 million. Kentucky Breweries export to more than 42 states and over 25 different countries. 

Moving forward

Brewing in Kentucky is growing, which means more jobs inside breweries, and those supporting breweries, in agriculture, shipping and logistics, tourism and more. 

Sustaining the industry


With beer being 90% water, the Brewer’s voice for clean water is powerful. Seen as pillars of hard work, economic opportunity, and community leaders, Brewers understand how bad policy can impact watershed resources.